Seabuckthorn Berry Oil Softgels

Longrich Seabucthorn Berry Oil

Longrich Seabucthorn Berry Oil

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1. Natural Ingredient: Sea buckthorn berry. It contains Vitamin E in its natural form which is stronger than synthetic Vitamin E and easier to be absorbed by the human body

2. Highly Concentrated. Extraction rate 1:400. Which means one ton of sea buckthorn berry fruit can only make 90 Oz. or 2.5kg of our berry oil.

3. Advanced Extraction Technology. Sea buckthorn berry oil uses internationally advanced, supercritical C02 extracting technology during production. Effectively protect the active ingredients from being damaged.

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Longrich Seabuckthorn Berry Oil is an all-round health Supplement that helps to enhance your body immune response to infection.

The Oil revitalizes the skin by keeping it strong. healthy and soft even in harsh weather conditions. It is great for people suffering from the effect of exposure to chemicals

Longrich Berry Oil prevents sperm ageing in men because it increasing sexual performance and improves the functioning of male reproductive system

An effective treating for hepatitis patient because of Seabuckthorn oil and good for people with cardio vascular disease (heart disease).

It ensures health functioning of the body systems because it repairs damaged cells and increases energy supplied to body system

Seabuckthorn oil is excellent for women in menopause. It protects against premenstrual syndrome, relieves menstrual pain and excellent for vaginal health including virginal inflammation.

The Longrich Seabuckthorn Berry Oil is anti-aging; it keeps the brain healthy and helps to significantly improve memory loss condition. Seabuckthorn Berry Oil is used in cosmetics industry to restores youthful looks and promotes supple skin & hair.

Berry Oil has powerful antioxidant that prevents some form of cancer and heart disease because of capability to bind with reactive oxygen species. The powerful antioxidants reduce oxidant damage caused by oxygen which can harm human tissue, cells & organs.

Blood sugar spikes after a carb-rich meal minimizes because insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity increases so reducing blood sugar levels.

Sea buckthorn oil is excellent for memory so slowing the decline of thinking skills with age. Also protects against toxins such as air pollution, eye disorder such as cataract, neurological diseases like Alzheimer disease and diabetics.

Sea buckthorn contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and other active ingredients. It is an expectorant for loosening phlegm and treating high cholesterol, eye disorder /night blindness and stomach ulcers

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