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Longrich Evergreen Prebiotics Spray


Longrich Evergreen Prebiotics Spray

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The Evergreen Prebiotics spray is:

·For face and body

·Multi-functional skin vitalizing essence spray

·Formulated to give a boost of hydration

·Leaves your skin soft and radiant

·Provides rejuvenating moisture

·USDA Certified Biobased


·Contains Prebiotics and ALL-natural ingredient

·Made in USA, quality assured

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Prebiotics spray is an all-in-one spray essence. With today’s busy schedule, people of all skin types can simply spray and go.

Prebiotics are equally essential for your skincare regime. These are non-living ingredients that are used to support the balance of both good and bad bacteria on your skin throughout your skin and within your body.

This Prebiotics Spray:

·For face and body

·Multi-functional skin vitalizing essence spray which contains Prebiotics and ALL-natural ingredient

·essential for your skincare regime

·It also provides rejuvenating moisture and is fragrance-free

·USDA Certified Biobased

·Made in USA, quality assured

Weight 238 g
Dimensions 21 × 5 × 5 cm


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