Multi-Action Skin Relief Lotion

Multi-Action Skin Relief Lotion

Multi-Action Skin Relief Lotion

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Longrich skin relief lotion helps to prevent skin rash.
Removes the itching sensation from bites from bugs
Can be used to alleviate pain and irritation from bug bites and also heal heat rash

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Formulated with superior itch-relieving traditional Chinese medicinal materials which help relieve itch and irritation from heat rash, dry skin, and insect bite.

Moisturizes dry skin and leaves an elegant scent.

How to use:

  • for preventing heat rash, add liquid to bath water
  • for stopping heat rash, apply directly to the affected area
  • for itch relief, spray directly to the itchy skin area caused by the insect bites

For External Use Only.

Weight 76 g
Dimensions 16 × 4 × 3 cm


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